Scéal Bakery

From scratch, fresh, everyday


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We created Scéal Bakery in the Autumn of 2016.

The idea of Scéal (the Irish for story) began while we were living and working as bakers in San Francisco, California. The story begins with us, how we met, where we've been, what we've learnt and now it involves you.

Our story begins with us meeting on the first day of our BA in Culinary Arts at D.I.T back in 2010; we were placed next to one another alphabetically in our opening kitchen class and haven't left each other sides since. Scéal is a culmination of seven years of working as chefs turned bakers - collecting ideas, gathering experience, sharing meals and our true desire to feed people food made with love and passion. 

While in San Francisco, we gained invaluable skills and knowledge working with some of the top bakers in the industry. Shane worked under Nathan Yanko at MH Bread and Butter while Charlotte joined the team at Craftsman and Wolves led by William Werner and Amber Blalock.

Scéal is built on the craft of using our hands. Our micro bakery began it's journey on an acre farm in Glasnevin. We have since moved to the Spade Enterprise centre in Smithfield, Dublin 7. We hope this larger space will bring us one step closer to having our dream of a neighbourhood bakery.

We do our utmost to source Irish ingredients where we can, from foraging produce from Ireland's beautiful countryside, to gathering ingredients from our small organic vegetable garden at home and connecting with local producers.

Seasonal-driven produce is an essential principle when we are developing new menu items. During the summer months you'll find an emphasis on Irish berries and rhubarb, transitioning to autumn stoned fruits and blackberry picking, and then to apples, quince and pears as we move into those colder winter months. 


At Scéal we specialise in sourdough bread and laminated pastries, which both take time to make. We bake fresh everyday. All of our products are hand made, using a sourdough culture allowing for a long, slow fermentation process. We mix the sourdough starter culture one day, mix and shape the next, baking to transform those humble ingredients on the third day. This approach to baking demands commitment of the highest level, where we constantly strive for the best possible bake, refinement and to never expect complacency in our work.

It is well worth the wait though, nothing compares to the aroma, that deep crust and custardy crumb of our sourdough or the smell of Irish butter croissants filling the bakery. 

We look forward to meeting and feeding you soon. 

Charlotte & Shane


Photo by Shantanu Starick